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Baracoda is the market leader in the Bluetooth Auto-ID industry, having developed the first line of Bluetooth barcode scanners. Since 2001, Baracoda developed a specific know-how and many patents pending for Bluetooth Wireless Technology applications. Baracoda s expertise concerns embedded software development and radio modules integration, with in-depth capabilities in power management, security and interface with multiple existing systems, thanks to its unique cross-platforms middleware. Baracoda offers an innovating product line for several markets such as Retail, Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare, and Industry. Baracoda proposes also an OEM/IP design offer to manufacturers. Baracoda has been chosen by CSR, the leading manufacturer of Bluetooth chips, as a recommended third-party design house for its unique positioning in data capture and for its technical expertise in product integration.. D-Fly, Full Imager, Baracoda, Sales Force, Connectivity solutions, Success story, Pencil, CMOS, Bluetooth, Field Force, Plug & Scan, Business case, Pencil2, 13,56Mhz, Expert, Automation, Kemul, Events, RoadRunners, 1D barcode, Innovation, Inventory, Connect & Scan, Newsletter, RoadRunner, 2D barcode, Auto-ID, Cross docking, Baracoda Pulse, DualRunners, High Frequency, Connection, Management, SDK, Press, Dualrunner, RFID Tag, Automatic Identification, USB plug and Scan, TagRunners, RFID, Wireless, Quality control, API, Contact, TagRunner, HF, SIG, Express delivery, ScanWear, UHF, Technology, Picking, Baracoda Manager, Career, ToughRunners, LF, Barcode, Order Preparation, Communication Protocol, Where to buy, Scanner, Autoscan, light solution, Logistics, Software, Reseller, Reader, Laser, Data capture, Mobility, Dongle, Partner, Encoder, scan engin, Specialist, Asset management, RS232, Distributor, Two in one, EV10, Development, Healthcare, PDA, Channel, Real time, EV15, Automatic Identification, Retail, Computer, Barcode scanner distributor, Solutions, SE950, Design, Distribution, PC, Barcode scanner reseller, RoadRunners Evolution, Adaptus, Compatibility, Transportation, Laptop, scanner manufacturer, RoadRunner Evolutiuon, Motorola scan engin, AIM, Transport, barcode scanner manufacturer, wireless barcode scanner, Honeywell scan engin, Support, Parcel Delivery, Mobile phone, RFID manufacturer, Battery life, Intermec scan engin, Service, Maintenance, Tablet PC, Stylus, IP54, User-friendly, Merchandising, Compatibility, BL1000, IP65, Cost effective, Manufacturing, Microsoft, ID Blue, IP rating, Automatic reconnection, Application, BlackBerry, 2604, Class I, Easy, POS, Windows Mobile, Bluetooth Scanner, Class 1, Project, Network, Platform, Barcode scanner, ClassII, Workforce in motion, Voice to pick, RMA, Laser technology, Class 2, b+, Light to Pick, Software download, Hand held, GPRS, VIP, Pick by voice, PsionTeklogix, RFID scanner, Auto reconnect, VAD, pick by light, Toughbook, Tag scanner, No data loss mode, ISV, RIM, Tag Reader, VAR, Windows Phone, Laser scanner, Bluetooth expert, 1D scanner, Auto ID, 2D scanner.

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