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Bourns , Inc is a global manufacturer of electronic components such as automotive electronic components, circuit protection , magnetic & resistive products, connectors, diodes, microelectronic modules, sensors, switches, transistors and thyristors. Our broad portfolio provides solutions for business sectors like automotive manufacturing, consumer electronics, retail and industrial systems, medical technology, network communications, business machines, computing and telecommunications.. Automotive Electronics, chip resistor arrays, Circuit Protection, Diodes, ESD Protection, gas discharge tubes, GDT, Outside Plant Products, 2 Axis HE, AMR, anisotropic magneto resistance, Hall Effect, inductors, irrigation protector, J.W. Miller Products, Magnetic Products, Microelectronic Modules, Modular Contacts, Multifuse, non-contacting sensor, central office protector, overcurrent protection device, Panel Controls, petroleum protector, Position Sensor, POTS Splitter, power semiconductors, Precision Controls, resettable fuses, Resistive, Resistor Arrays, resistor capacitor networks, signal data protector, Silicon TRIAC, Singlfuse, Telecom Protectors, Telefuse, Thick-Film Chip Resistors, thyristor surge protectors, trimming potentiometers, trimming potentiometer, Vehicle position sensor, electronic components.

Bournsorporated Deals and Sales

Electronic components at cheaper prices

Buy Electronic components at cheaper prices. You can select from diodes, sensors and many others

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