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It is summer time again! And time to have fun; most of you might have already made plans to tour for various destinations round the world. Be it to be an island expedition or a new territory excavation proper budget plan including travel, stay and short visits is important. Having said that, I would suggest the raining offers for cruising to awesome destinations like the below would not only save you some dollars but also yields you lot of fun and frolic throughout the tour.

 The Bahamas Cruise: Being a wonderful place to live in; one will have to stumble upon 700 islands with temperatures as low as 74 degree F[23 degree C]. The people and the Bahamian culture are to be experienced with joy, they are friendly and admiring which adds up to the pristine beaches all around the island. Take a cruise and enjoy the ocean views from $58/day, a perfect option if your trip is 3 or 4 night trip. Cruises depart from Miami, Port Canaveral, and Jacksonville. You can save about $150 on your program savings.



Western Caribbean Cruise: The fantastic cruising experience with the world’s largest cruise ship – Allure of the seas and many more other cruises. The 7 day romantic trip to the Western Caribbean’s starts at Fort Lauderdale, the sunshine state. Labadee, Haiti on the north coast surrounded by mountain slopes and exotic foliage, breath taking scenery and spectacular water activities,  Dragon’s Breath flight Line is the longest flight line in the world over water speeds of 40 t0 50 mph and travel 500 feet above the beach. Aqua Park, Falmouth, Jamaica, Cozumel and Mexico. This is a wonderful experience for the new couple or tourists with just $56/day and up to $150 off with your program savings.


Alaska Cruise:  Explore stunning fjords, glaciers, forests, and mountains by opting for a 7 day cruise trip starting at $72/day. Depart from Vancouver, Anchorage or Whittier. Save up to $150 on all your program savings. Alaska is the largest state in the US state by area situated in the northwest extremity of the North American continent, a Canadian territory and the least densely populated.


Hawaii Cruise: The most recent of the 50 US states made up entirely of islands. It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia. Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona Memorial, Diamond Head, Polynesian Cultural Center, Hanauma Bay are few of the places of interest. Enjoy a cruise to Hawaii at $143/day and avail the opportunity to travel to multiple islands in one trip. Save up to $150 with your program savings.


Europe/Mediterranean Cruise: Europe is a great continent with rich legendary ruins and grand palaces to gorgeous landscapes, and diverse cultures which make an unforgettable place once visited. Avail the opportunity of exploring multiple cities rich in history for just $87/day and can also save $150 with your program savings.

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