6 Popular Carnival Foods that you must try this summer

If you are still hanging out with your mates and family with those old and boring burger and pizza recipes, you might be missing out on something irrefutable. Check out some of these new innovations in the US food world, and let the craving stations of your brain centre be spell casted!

Carnival Foods

1. Spam Curds

This Minnesota born lip smacking recipe is the most epic invention that US has ever gifted to the world. This mixture of deep fried meat, flavoured with cheese and served with ranch dressing is the new fad in US.

2. Jalapeno Poutine Donut Bowl

A traditional recipe, has taken a new form. This deep fried course consists of mini donuts, jalapeños, and cheese curd and is topped over with luscious and spicy gravy.

3. Hot Pork/Beef Sundae

No, this ain’t an ice cream! This spicy sundae recipe consisted of an ultra-delicious bowl of well marinated beef/pork, which is layered with gravy, corn, mashed potato, grated cheese and a cherry on the top. This dish can keep you full for hours!

4. Chocolate coated insects!

Well, it may sound or feel pukish at the start, but nonetheless, the whole world knows the health benefits of eating insects! And, those who have tried it- admit that they are indeed delicious. If you are a starter, then, nothing can be more compelling than deep fried insects coated with thick chocolate.

5. Peanut Butter Kebab

As simple as it can be, this recipe is a wholesome of nutrition and the ‘feel good factor’. The recipe is an amazing sandwich combination of deep fried peanut butter cups and kebabs, strawberry jelly and base, skewed together on a stick.

6. Funnel Cake Cheeseburger

Faired in Wisconsin and Florida, the dish is exactly what it sounds and consists of beef patty, cheese, bacon, pickles, tomatoes – all stuffed in between two delicious funnel cakes. You may choose different fillings and glaze types for this unique cheeseburger.

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