Back to School Fashion Trends | let’s get our Closets Ready!

Better late than never! It’s just the right time to give yourself a fashion reboot and showcase the enigma within you with the latest back to school fashion trends at Sears and Amazon. Here is the latest 2016 back to school fashion trends for teens:

1. The pretty intelligent stuff

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If you are an academically smart personality, then this style is a must have for you. Skater dresses should be your style symbol and it can be paired up with round framed or square framed nerdy glasses and low heeled sandals. Carry a loose hanging denim back pack to complete the look. Rush to find sale on exclusive assorted backpacks at Sears.

2. The not so tomboy type

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This style is for the rugged, daring and sporty personalities. High on fashion and low on budget, get this tough look by choosing loose chiffon or cotton shirts, paired up with dark shaded denims, full framed nerdy glasses, metal belts and high boots. You can also add an element of zest with a neatly tied scarf round your neck.

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3. The cute chic

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Apart from studies and friends, you had waited for long for the school re-opening, just to get a glimpse of your crush! To impress him and make him fall for you, here is the 2016’s trending cute chic look. Get inspired from the 70s retro styles of slip on dresses, ruffled shirts and high waist shorts to grab the attention of everyone at high school.

4. The girl of dreams

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Everyone loves you in high school and your trends should apparently inspire others. Stay elegant as you are by picking up monochrome colours this season. Step out of your car with retro styled round framed sunglasses and carry a satchel or a duffle bag instead of the boring backpacks. Grabbing a sexy pair of heels, shall be a must for you.

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