6 Ways to make Father’s Day 2018 Special


As Father’s day is around the corner, here are some Father’s Day celebration ideas to make sure you make it a very special day for him. Skip those standard grill set, Father’s Day readmade cards and basic T-shirts and mugs this year, and plan out something memorable that will truly acknowledge the bond you share:


  1. Eliminate the pressure

Let your father snooze as long as he wants this Father’s day to emerge in his best mood and start the day like no other. Moreover, he would really appreciate ‘no deadlines, not having to fix anything, no chores and a hassle free day – Trust us! He has been waiting for this day since a long time!


  1. Treat him to his Favorite Restaurant

Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Since gastronomic fulfillments are perhaps the greatest magical potion that can make anyone happy, the Father’s Day is the best time to take your dad to his favorite restaurant and let him have whatever he craves for, without those diet and sugar restrictions for a day!


  1. Spend Time Together

Hit outdoors and indulge in activities that will help you get closer to your father. You can go to a local Brewery, splash into the water, head to the race track, go for an outdoor movie, fire up the grill, hit the golf course, go for a hike or perhaps pack up for a family picnic.


  1. Golden ticket to his Favorite Team

Most fathers are die-hard fans of sports and would do anything to stay updated about their favorite team! If your father loves watching his favorite team on the fields, make him smile this Father’s Day with a golden ticket to watch his favorite team play live. Buy the tickets using Expedia coupon codes.


  1. Give the Gift of ‘Me Time’

Let him relax and enjoy his ‘me time’ with his game, favorite sport, leisure activity, favorite novel or whatever he really enjoys doing. Since he works hard throughout the week, and deserves to be relaxed, you can also think about booking a massage or a spa session for him to relax his soaring muscles and fatigue.


  1. Show him some love

No gift seems as precious as a special handmade card or a DIY gift idea with a message that would definitely bring a smile on his face. If you are not in the city, give a call or consider booking tickets to home with Lastminute using Lastminute coupon codes for a lovely surprise!

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