Loose Weight in Six Easy Steps

Losing weight is never a simple regime to follow; Burning out those extra calories is a journey to go through with all those painstaking work outs, balanced diet, makeover in life style and commitment.  A strong willpower to reduce weight would certainly beat hunger and leads you in the path of following strict diet with good time of exercise every day makes the weighing machine lighter day by day adding up only in boosting up one’s confidence level.

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  1. Starting from the breakfast to dinner at night be cautious in the intake of carbs. It is recommended to take high protein breakfast to reduce the cravings throughout the day. Most importantly avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice as it adds up to your body weight because of fatty ingredients.
  2. Lessen your intake of food by drinking stomach full of water before having meal, this method increases weight loss rate by 50%.
  3. Choose food with rich fiber and weight loss- friendly ingredients which help in dissolving to reduce fat content in body, drink more of tea or coffee to increase the metabolism.
  4. Do not eat processed food and replace it with whole food which is healthier, more filling and very less likely to cause overeating.
  5. Chew food thoroughly and eat slowly this helps in feeling fuller and boosts weight reducing harmone. Keep a check on your weight gain or loss every day to make minor changes in your eating regime or variations in intake of food.
  6. Most importantly 8 hr complete sleep enhances your metabolism and keeps you active throughout. Less sleep increases weight unknowingly.

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Do follow these six steps carefully to lessen your body weight in a consistent way and be healthier for a long period of time. After all “health is wealth” is a known and true saying which should be reminded every day.

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