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At Remotes.com, you can find a wide selection of OEM and custom-built replacement remote controls for all TVs sold in the US. Additionally, we offer remote controls for various devices from popular brands like Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and many more!

1-800-Remotes Deals and Sales

Replacement Remote Controls for TVs, Stereos, DVD Players & More.

Get replacement remote controls for TVs, stereos, DVD players, and more from Remotes.com. They are the top supplier of brand name remote controls, as well as aftermarket and OEM TV remotes, even for discontinued models. Surprisingly, a recent study found that over a third of American living rooms have four or more TV remotes, causing frustration. Rest assured, Remotes.com offers comprehensive testing and pre-programming for all their TV remote replacements.

Toshiba Original TV Remote at Just $215.38 Only.

Get your hands on the Toshiba Original TV Remote for an unbeatable price of just $215.38.

Philips OEM Original Remote Affordable For $73.62 Only.

Get the Philips OEM Original Remote for an unbeatable price of just $73.62. Don't forget to use the provided coupon code to avail of this amazing offer.

Save on replacement remote controls for any brand of TV, TiVo, DVD, Flat Screen, Car Audio, Home Theater and Satellite system and more.

Save money on replacement remote controls for all brands of TVs, TiVos, DVDs, flat screens, car audio, home theaters, satellite systems, and more.

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