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3dMD offers rapid 3D scanning technology for use in clinical settings and large-scale biometric facial recognition projects worldwide. Our scanners utilize laser scanning and stereo photogrammetry techniques to capture detailed 3D models of surfaces. These scanners are used in various fields such as medical practice, plastic surgery, craniofacial research, genetics, anthropology, and more. They enable precise measurement and volume calculations, aiding in shape analysis and face recognition for biometric security and identification purposes. Our technology also

3dMD Deals and Sales

Find The world leader in anatomically-precise 3D and “temporal-3D” (4D) surface imaging systems and software.

Discover the global leader in advanced 3D and "temporal-3D" (4D) surface imaging systems and software, providing anatomically-precise solutions.

With a proven customer track record in leading teaching hospitals.

3dMD is the global frontrunner in creating highly accurate 3D and "temporal-3D" (4D) surface imaging systems and advanced software. These technologies are essential for numerous critical applications in healthcare, biometrics, ergonomics, human factors, research, and size and fit. Our solutions are trusted by corporate and educational research institutes, as well as government agencies worldwide.

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