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Introducing 3INA (mee-nah), where beauty democracy takes center stage. Our cruelty-free makeup, made in Europe, embraces imperfections and celebrates individuality. With a vibrant range of colors, be your authentic self and radiate with confidence. Plus, rest assured that all our cosmetics are vegan-friendly.

3ina Deals and Sales

3INA (mee-nah) - cruelty free and made in Europe makeup, the next level of beauty democracy

Introducing 3INA (pronounced mee-nah) - an innovative makeup brand that is cruelty-free, proudly produced in Europe. We believe in redefining beauty norms and embracing individuality. With our vibrant range of products, you can express yourself authentically and radiate in a multitude of colors. As an added bonus, all our cosmetics are vegan-friendly, ensuring a guilt-free beauty experience.

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