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The Absolute platform sets a new benchmark for endpoint visibility and control, providing cutting-edge endpoint security and continuous IT asset management to safeguard devices, data, applications, and users both within and outside the network.

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Critical applications such as VPN, antivirus, encryption, systems management and other controls that have historically been too easily compromised, have left you flying blind until now.

Discover essential applications such as VPNs, antivirus software, encryption tools, systems management solutions, and other controls that, in the past, have been susceptible to compromise, leaving you without proper visibility. But now, you can finally gain the security and peace of mind you need.

Track, Locate, and Recover Stolen Computer with LoJack for Laptops at Absolute.com

Discover, Trace, and Retrieve Stolen Computers Using LoJack for Laptops on Absolute.com.

Absolute Software, organizations can optimize productivity, reduce operating costs, prove compliance, and respond to computer theft.

At Absolute Software, we empower organizations to maximize productivity, minimize operating costs, ensure compliance, and effectively combat computer theft.

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