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Get professional-grade test equipment from the top provider of test and measurement instruments, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC). Whether you need to rent or buy test equipment, ATEC has you covered. They offer a wide range of options including Hipot, RF, Microwave, Power Supply, RF Amplifier, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, EMC Compliance, Environmental Chamber, Data Acquisition, and more. ATEC also provides services like EMC Testing and Calibration, ensuring accurate results every time. Check out

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15% off all full price orders


Take advantage of a 15% discount on all full price orders.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Deals and Sales

sales and service of Test and Measurement Equipment as well as many other types of equipment used in research.

Data communications - Communication of data between different devices or systems Data logger - A device or software used to record and store data over time Dataloggers - Multiple data loggers DC - Direct Current DC power supplies - Power supplies that provide direct current Detectors - Devices used to detect or measure certain properties or signals Digital - Relating to or using binary code or electronic signals Digital multimeters - Measurement devices that can measure multiple electrical prope

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