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Aéryne empowers women by giving back to society. Through our empowerment fund, Aéryne Academy, we are contributing to the education of the next generation of women. We offer a steady contribution to our partnering school in Mumbai, which finances the tuition fees of female students otherwise unable to afford education. We believe in sisterhood, that empowered women empower other women in return, and that education is the key to independence and an equal society.

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15% Off their first purchase


Receive a discount of 15% on their initial purchase. Coupon expires on 31st December 2023

AERYNE Deals and Sales

Find is a sustainable, affordable luxury brand from Scandinavia.

Find is a Scandinavian luxury brand that prioritizes sustainability and affordability. Our brand specializes in creating wardrobe essentials with a unique twist, aiming to empower women through our products. We understand that millennials have a strong desire for innovation and value, and we strive to meet those needs by offering new and affordable options that also promote sustainability.

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