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Affiliate Management Days is a highly recommended event for affiliate managers who oversee their company's affiliate marketing strategy, management, and operations. The conference covers a wide range of topics including affiliate program management, recruitment, marketing analytics, effective motivation techniques, fraud prevention, assessing the value of different types of affiliates, optimizing conversion rates, ensuring compliance and enforcing policies, addressing challenges and threats, navigating legislative issues, leveraging emerging trends, maximizing search engine optimization, implementing outsource programs, utilizing paid search advertising, and exploring

Affiliate Management Days Deals and Sales

Affiliate managers who are responsible for their company's affiliate marketing strategy, management and operations.

- Managing an affiliate program - Recruiting affiliates - Analyzing affiliate marketing performance - Motivating affiliates effectively - Preventing affiliate marketing fraud - Understanding different types of affiliates and their value - Optimizing conversions - Policing and enforcing compliance - Finding solutions to challenges and threats in affiliate marketing - Addressing legislative questions and issues - Leveraging emerging trends in affiliate marketing - Optimizing search engine rankings

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