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Aflac offers supplemental insurance for individuals, providing coverage for benefits that may not be covered by your primary health insurance. With Aflac, you can get insurance quotes and find the right plan that suits your needs.

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AFLAC Deals and Sales

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Supplemental Insurance for Individuals & Groups.

Consider obtaining supplemental insurance for individuals and groups. Aflac offers coverage to assist in covering expenses that may not be covered by your primary medical insurance.

Hospital Insurance.

A visit to the hospital can be overwhelming, but with Aflac hospital insurance, your employees can feel more confident and prepared for any unexpected expenses that may not be covered by their primary medical insurance.

38% off on Americans believe they might never financially recover from a battle with cancer.1

Take advantage of a 38% discount on Aflac cancer insurance, designed to assist Americans who fear they may never bounce back financially after a cancer diagnosis. By providing this coverage for your employees, you can offer them peace of mind and support during their battle with cancer, enabling them to concentrate on what truly matters—recovering and improving their overall well-being.

Save on supplemental insurance for individuals, and groups to help pay benefits, major medical insurance and more.

Obtain supplementary insurance plans tailored for individuals and groups to assist in covering expenses such as benefits, major medical insurance, and additional healthcare costs.

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