Afro World Coupons and Deals

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Afro World Deals and Sales

Juneteenth Flag $20

Revamp Juneteenth Flag design - $20 Coupon expires on 13th October 2023

African Flag with Continent $20

Create a unique African flag design featuring a representation of the continent - just $20! Coupon expires on 13th October 2023

2023 Kenta Graduation Scarf $29.95

In 2023, the Kenta Graduation Scarf is priced at $29.95. Coupon expires on 13th October 2023

In Celebration of Black History Month Buy one item at regular price & get the second (lower price) item at 1/2 price

Celebrate Black History Month with our special offer: Purchase one item at its regular price and receive the second item (the lower-priced one) at a 50% discount!

Afro World is the Hair and Fashion Company.

Discover Afro World, the premier Hair and Fashion Company. Explore our vast selection of products that celebrate and showcase your rich culture. Our inventory ranges from stylish Afrocentric apparel to top-quality hairpieces tailored for African-Americans.

Kenta print Neck tie set Affordable For $19.95 only

Get the Kenta print Neck tie set at an unbeatable price of just $19.95!

Hair products are at affordable prices.

We offer a wide range of hair products at affordable prices. Choose from a variety of options including men's hair pieces, women's hair pieces, and more.

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