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Intel offers a range of FPGA brands, including MAX®, Cyclone®, Arria®, and Stratix® FPGAs and SoC FPGAs. They also provide Enpirion® power management products. Alongside their silicon solutions, the Intel Programmable Solutions Group offers comprehensive software development tools such as Quartus, as well as versatile embedded processors, optimized IP cores, reference design examples, and development kits. Their portfolio covers various technologies, including FPGA, ASIC, CPLD, DSP, and

Altera Corporation Deals and Sales

Find FPGAs in Machine Learning Applications and features of Altera devices, IPs and development kits.

Our solutions, including FPGA, CPLD, and ASIC technologies, are designed to accelerate time to market, enhance performance and productivity, and lower system costs compared to traditional DSP, ASSP, and ASIC products. With our development software and programmable logic devices (PLD), we offer a range of options such as FPGA embedded systems, system-on-a-programmable chip (SoPC), and configurable logic cells (CLC). Additionally, our structured ASIC and configurable logic cell technologies provid

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