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The ACSM, also known as the American College of Sports Medicine, is dedicated to promoting and incorporating scientific research, education, and practical applications in the fields of sports medicine and exercise science. Their goal is to improve and maintain physical performance, overall fitness, health, and quality of life.

American College of Sports Medicine Deals and Sales

Roundtables & Specialty Conferences.

ACSM provides a variety of roundtables and specialty conferences as part of our regular meetings calendar.

Find Special Interest Groups.

ACSM provides a variety of Special Interest Groups, with a wide range of topics such as Aging and Winter Sports Science. These groups serve as a platform for members with specific interests to engage in focused discussions, activities, and debates. They organize meetings, share up-to-date news and research, and facilitate professional opportunities like job openings and grants. Through these groups, ACSM members can connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

ACSM Foundation.. Professional membership society; health & fitness; clinical; certification; scientific meetings; conferences; publications; journals; resources; guidelines; Fitness Assessment and Tr

ACSM Foundation is a professional membership society that focuses on health and fitness, with a particular emphasis on clinical aspects and certification. The foundation organizes scientific meetings and conferences, publishes journals and other publications, and provides various resources and guidelines. One of their key areas of expertise is Fitness Assessment and Training, which includes exercise testing for various populations, including general testing and athletic populations.

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