Antipodes UK Coupons and Deals

Antipodes, a renowned Green Beauty™ company originating from New Zealand, is dedicated to using pollution-free, native New Zealand ingredients in its exceptional range of plant-powered vegan beauty™ and certified organic premium skincare. With a strong emphasis on quality, Antipodes skincare prioritizes the effectiveness of its products, ensuring customer satisfaction in the UK and worldwide.

Antipodes UK Deals and Sales

25% Off Anti-Ageing products

Anti-Ageing products at a discounted rate of 25% Coupon expires on 14th March 2024

Free UK delivery over £45

We offer complimentary delivery in the UK for orders over £45. Coupon expires on 7th March 2024

15% Off For Newsletter Sign-up

Get a 15% discount when you sign up for our newsletter. Coupon expires on 31st March 2024

Beauty and certified organic skincare formulated with nutrient-rich, results-driven natural ingredients from New Zealand.

Experience the magic of award-winning, plant-based beauty products and indulge in certified organic skincare that harnesses the power of nutrient-rich, natural ingredients sourced from the pristine landscapes of New Zealand.

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