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Aperture, a non-profit foundation, facilitates connections within the photography community by showcasing the most inspiring work, innovative ideas, and fostering meaningful interactions. Through print, in-person events, and online platforms, Aperture serves as a conduit for photographers and enthusiasts to engage with each other. This New York City-based organization publishes Aperture Magazine, produces books and traveling exhibitions, offers educational programs, and hosts various events at their gallery in Chelsea called Aperture Gallery. By making donations and participating in activities like the

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Aperture Deals and Sales

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Aperture offers a wide range of resources and opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Explore our diverse offerings including Aperture Magazine, an esteemed publication featuring stunning visuals and thought-provoking articles. Immerse yourself in the world of photography through our curated selection of books, both in print and digital formats. Experience the power of visual storytelling at our traveling exhibitions, which bring exceptional photography to various locations. Engage with the a

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