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AppGuard is a powerful endpoint protection solution that safeguards your devices from malware exploits, all without needing to identify them. Our patented "Zero Trust" framework allows us to control application behavior effectively. By stopping key behaviors that malware relies on for execution, AppGuard ensures that your endpoints remain secure. What sets AppGuard apart is its context-based policies, which automatically adapt to changing circumstances without requiring manual configuration. This means that you can trust AppGuard to keep your devices protected without the hassle of constantly adjusting settings

AppGuard Deals and Sales

AppGuard protects your endpoints and prevents malware exploits WITHOUT having to recognize

AppGuard provides advanced protection for your endpoints by utilizing a patented "Zero Trust" framework. This framework allows for precise control over application behavior, effectively preventing malware exploits without the need to identify them in the first place. By stopping key behaviors that malware typically relies on for successful execution, AppGuard significantly reduces the risk of infections. What sets AppGuard apart is its ability to automatically adapt context-based policies witho

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