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We offer a wide range of aquarium products and equipment for freshwater, saltwater, and marine reef setups. Our selection includes everything you need at discounted prices. Whether you're looking for aquarium supplies, reef aquarium equipment, or reef aquarium lighting, we have you covered. Some of our popular products include venturi protein skimmers, ultraviolet sterilizers (UV sterilizers), and a variety of fish food and additives. We also carry a range of filtration accessories, filter media, air pumps, and water

Aquariumpros Deals and Sales

Welcome To Clear Waters Aquarium Maintenance.

Welcome to Clear Waters Aquarium Maintenance, the leading aquarium contractor in North America. We are proud to offer top-notch aquarium maintenance services in the Chicago area as well.

North America's premier aquarium contractor also offering quality aquarium maintenance services in the Chicago area.

We are a leading aquarium contractor in North America that specializes in high-quality aquarium maintenance services. Located in the Chicago area, we provide exceptional exhibit-quality aquariums for both residential and commercial renovation projects, as well as build-outs and new construction.

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