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The objective of this professional golf tournament in Asia is to promote the development and growth of golf in the region, all while upholding the game's integrity. With a focus on nurturing the sport's popularity in Asia, this tournament aims to provide a welcoming and competitive platform for players to showcase their skills.

Asian Tour Deals and Sales

Asian Tour Destinations is an exclusive network of world-class golfing properties around the region that offer a comprehensive range of facilities and services to club members and guests.

Explore Asian Tour Destinations is a prestigious network of top-notch golf properties across the region. These destinations provide a wide range of facilities and services to club members, guests, as well as Asian Tour players and officials. Each Asian Tour Destination is renowned for its tournament quality and is synonymous with excellence, closely associated with the Asian Tour. Partner Destinations will showcase exceptional golf courses, real estate, and world-class amenities.

Asian Tour is the official regional sanctioning body

The Explore Asian Tour serves as the official governing body for professional golf in Asia. Its primary goal is to promote and expand the reach of tournament golf, with a focus on providing significant career opportunities for its members. Additionally, the organization is dedicated to the development and growth of golf in the Asian region, all while upholding the utmost integrity of the game.

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