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In the film "Atlas Shrugged: Part I," Dagny Taggart (played by Taylor Schilling) leads Taggart Transcontinental, the last major railroad company in the United States. Despite the troubling trend of her most skilled employees vanishing without a trace, Dagny remains determined to keep the company running with her intelligence, bravery, and unwavering moral compass. During this challenging time, Dagny becomes captivated by Henry Rearden (portrayed by Grant Bowler

Atlas Shrugged Deals and Sales

Atlas Shrugged Movie: Part I Film Synopsis Dagny Taggart.

In the epic film "Atlas Shrugged: Part I," meet Dagny Taggart (played by Taylor Schilling), a remarkable woman who leads Taggart Transcontinental, the last standing railroad company in the United States. With her exceptional intelligence and unwavering courage, Dagny navigates the challenges of a crumbling nation, determined to keep her company thriving amidst a changing world.

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