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With AutoBase, you have the ability to effortlessly bring in your inventory from various sources such as 3rd-party vendors, legacy DMS, manual input, photo and video uploads, text files, and spreadsheet uploads. Once imported, our inventory management system ensures that your vehicles are efficiently distributed to an unlimited number of external lead provider sites.

AutoBase Deals and Sales

Collect, Enhance & Distribute New and Used Vehicle Data.

AutoBase streamlines the process of finding, collecting, enhancing, and distributing both new and used vehicle data. With AutoBase, you can conveniently manage your inventory using a single platform.

Collect, Enhance & Distribute New, Used Vehicle Data, 3rd-party vendors, legacy DMS, manual input, photo and video uploads.

Our inventory management system allows you to effortlessly collect, improve, and distribute data regarding both new and used vehicles. This includes data from various third-party vendors, legacy DMS systems, as well as manual inputs, photo and video uploads, text file uploads, and spreadsheet uploads.

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