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The AVMA website is a go-to resource for veterinary professionals, pet owners, and animal enthusiasts seeking extensive information on pet care, animal health, veterinary medicine, and careers in veterinary medicine. It covers a wide range of topics including public health, animal health news, and various animals such as cats, dogs, horses, birds, cows, pigs, and sheep. Whether you're looking for information on veterinary practices, medical conditions, or general animal well-being, the AVMA website has you covered.

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Accredited veterinary colleges and vet tech programs, plus information on veterinary specialties, continuing education, internships and more.

Discover accredited veterinary colleges and veterinary technician programs, as well as valuable information on veterinary specialties, ongoing education opportunities, internships, and much more.

Find Economics & Practice, Professional Development, News & Publications and more

Discover Economics & Enhance Skills, Advance in Your Career, Stay Updated with Latest News & Publications, and Much More.

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