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Baltic Tours is a trusted travel agency and tour operator specializing in trips to the Baltics and Northeastern Europe. With our expertise, we provide a wide selection of over 30 thoughtfully-designed tours across various Scandinavian and Eastern European countries. These include Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Our tours cater to different budgets, ranging from 525€ to 3395€, with an average tour price of 123

Baltic Tours Deals and Sales

Get the best of the Baltics in 8 days! 3 Countries, 39 Objects, Guaranteed departure and Flexible cancellation!

Experience the highlights of the Baltics in just 8 days! Explore three countries and discover 39 incredible attractions. With guaranteed departure and flexible cancellation, start your vacation today and make the most of your time in the Baltics.

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