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Welcome to BayB Supplies! We are here to provide you with valuable information and tips on various topics related to motherhood, breastfeeding, parenting, babycare, and sling carriers. Our wide range of baby supplies includes items such as sarongs, Glenn Doman and Shichida educational materials, bandanas, baby carriers, and more. Whether you are in Singapore or anywhere else, we have everything you need to support you on your parenting journey. Additionally, we offer a platform for parenting discussions

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Discover all that has to offer and equip yourself with the knowledge and resources to navigate the journey of motherhood effortlessly. From breastfeeding guidance to parenting tips and childcare advice, we're here to help you thrive without any tears!

Girls Blue Floral Halter Top Affordable For SGD $18 only.

Get your hands on a trendy Girls Blue Floral Halter Top at an amazing price of just SGD $18, which is a steal considering its original listing price of SGD $37.90. Don't miss out on this affordable offer!

White Hibiscus Dress for Mum Affordable for SGD$40 only.

Get the original White Hibiscus Dress for Mum at an incredibly affordable price of just SGD$40, down from its original price of SGD$99.

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