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At Bear Woods Supply Company, you can find a wide selection of woodworker supplies available for purchase worldwide. Explore our shop for a variety of wood craft supplies, clock parts, wooden wheels, scroll saw blades, wood dowels, and much more. We also offer clock parts, wooden craft supplies, wood plugs, picture hangers, wooden dowels, picture hanging hardware, picture hooks, wood shapes, wood rings, and other essential items for your woodworking projects.

Bear Woods Supply Co Deals and Sales

Wooden Wheels, Treaded Wheels, Wooden Train Parts, Axle Pegs & More.

Choose from our wide selection of wooden wheels, including both traditional and treaded options. We also offer a range of wooden train parts, axle pegs, and more to help you create your very own wood toy project. If you prefer, you can also browse through our extensive collection of wood toy plans, which include designs for wooden model trains, trucks, cars, tractors, cranes, and much more. All of our plans are expertly crafted to ensure that your project is both enjoyable and

The best choice for hard to find products like dowel pins, maple wood plugs, oak spindles and more.

Discover a wide selection of rare products such as dowel pins, maple wood plugs, oak spindles, wood craft supplies, wooden toy parts, picture hanging hardware, clock parts, and much more to ensure you find the perfect choice.

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