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Welcome to the official corporate website of Beltronics Radar Detector. We are proud manufacturers of the highly acclaimed STi Magnum radar detector, as well as the Beltronics Professional Series radar detectors. Our product lineup includes the Pro 300 radar detector, along with a wide range of radar and laser detectors. At Beltronics, we are committed to providing you with top-notch radar detection technology to enhance your driving experience. Our STi Magnum radar detector is designed to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring you stay

Beltronics Deals and Sales

Up to $80 off when you purchase a new pro 500, STi Magnum, Pro 300 or Vector 995 Beltronics radar detector.

Save up to $80 on your new Beltronics radar detector purchase, including models such as the Pro 500, STi Magnum, Pro 300, or Vector 995.

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