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We have curated a collection of men's and women's wardrobe essentials for those who value exceptional materials and craftsmanship. Our timeless designs reflect a commitment to classic style. Explore our range of neckwear, shirtings, eyewear, and shoes, all designed with meticulous attention to detail. From tuxedos to bowties, viyella to cashmere, our selection showcases the finest materials sourced from Scotland and England. Complete your look with our range of sweaters, cardigans, pocket squares

Ben Silver Deals and Sales

Grab Offers On Women Accessories.

Discover Incredible Deals on Women's Accessories. Explore a wide range of categories including shirts, dresses, suits, and much more.

Olive and Ivory Plaid Jacket Affordable For $626.50 Only.

Get the Olive and Ivory Plaid Jacket for an unbeatable price of just $626.50, even though it's originally listed at $895. Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

50% Discount On Blazer Navy Blue Hopsack with Side Vents.

Get a whopping 50% off on the Blazer Navy Blue Hopsack with Side Vents. No coupon code necessary.

$48 Off on Keshie Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set Sterling Silver

Save $48 on the Keshie Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set in Sterling Silver and discover other great deals.

Save on Neckwear, Shirtings, Classic Style, eyewear, glasses, Charleston, England, shoes, tuxedo, necktie, bowties, bows, viyella, cashmere, Scotland, sweater and more.

Discover a wide range of stylish essentials such as neckwear, shirtings, classic eyewear, and glasses. Find exquisite pieces inspired by the charm of Charleston and the timeless elegance of England. Complete your look with sophisticated shoes, a dashing tuxedo, and a selection of neckties, bowties, and bows. Explore luxurious materials like viyella and cashmere sourced from Scotland, perfect for cozy sweaters and cardigans. Elevate your outfit with pocket squares and oxford accessories

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