Back to School | 4 must have tech-gadgets

It’s another fresh year at school and you got to be equipped with new sets of gadgets to excel the race. Here is a super nerdy list of top 4 must have tech- gadgets for school in 2016:

1. Digital Voice Recorder/ Note Taker

Slow on speed? Or, want your notes to be in the digital format? Well, then it’s time to digitally record all professor’steachings. You may use smart pens like LiveScribeSmartpen 3 that uses smart technology to convert your handwritten notes to the digital format. You can further use apps to convert these digital texts into audio format. The Sony ICD UX533 is also a smart way to record all that your teacher speaks.

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2. Ebook reader

Tired of carrying heavy books to and fro from the library? Well, then it’s timethat you better get used to the Amazon Kindle. Compared to other E-book readers, Amazon Kindle has the additional advantage of being easy on your eyes, holds a repository of thousands of books (many of them are free) including the best sellers, and are of course very convenient to use.

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3. Hybrid Laptop

You would certainly require the help of a laptop to complete all your projects and submit the reports on time. And, to make the basic researches on the assigned topic, you would also find it feasible to use a tablet. So, if you want to save on both, then, why not try something called a hybrid or a 2-in-1 laptop! This hybrid laptop can be detached and the screen can thus act as a tablet. Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo Yoga Series and Asus Chromebook are some of the popular hybrid options.

4. Wi-Fi routers

Tired of Wi-Fi signal drops at your school? You can take the help of routers to tune back to your research. Routers like OnHub from Google helps to maximize the connection as well as fetch you better Wi-Fi connections. So, from now on, you can tune into your favourite Netflix and be assured that your dorm will never go out of weak internet connection.

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