Easter Dresses 2018 for Kids and Toddlers


Going to the service? Or, planning to have a gala time with your kids and family this Easter’s Day? Whatever your plan is, here are the top Easter Day Dresses 2018 for your kids to wear on this vibrant occasion:

1. Embroidered Bunny Dresses

Well it’s Easter’s but, summers are here too and you ought not to forget that your little one needs to feel comfortable all day amidst the crowd of the Easter’s. Therefore, we highly recommend you to pick something cottony and comfortable, yet something that matches the theme of the occasion. One of our classic faves is the checked cotton dress with embroidered bunnies or Easter eggs on it. Pair it up with matching boxers/ lowers to let your baby feel nice and free at the Easter’s Day family get together.

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2. Printed Easter Dresses

A printed dress for your toddler is another good choice for the Easter’s. Some of our favourite prints include birdies, bunnies and chicks or Easter eggs, over the backdrop shades of light yellows, whites, baby pinks, teals and blues.

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3. The Fashionable Diva

If your family is been invited to a mega event or if you and your baby is the host of the party, then your kid needs to be in the limelight, isn’t it? If you have a dress to pick for a girl, then we recommend you to find a mermaid styled gown or a dress for her at the Easter’s formal party. Pair it up with princess sandals and a classic tiara to complete the look.

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4. Ruffled Dresses

We as adults are probably obsessed with the ruffles and so are the kids! Be it a jumpsuit or a dress, ruffled shoulders and slips are sure to make your kid feel comfortable, free, vibrant and the powerhouse of the Easter Day celebrations!

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