5 Hottest Outfit Ideas for Groom-to-be in 2018


If you are close to a decision fatigue and in desperate need of some wedding guidance or probably want to ensure that you turn up well dressed and trendy on your wedding day, thatalso well complements your bride’s style, then here are the 5 tips and hottest outfits ideasfor all grooms-to-be in this wedding season:


  1. Mix-match style

Mixing and matching colors is a big trend to follow this year. For example, the blues and the blacks can be paired up together for a sophisticated and formal look. You can opt for different suits or colors to give a fresh twist to your wedding tale. Look out for suit rangeson Kohl’s and mix and match them accordingly to your taste and personality with exciting wedding fashion offers.


  1. Check Mate

Check suits are the most playful way to dress up for your special day and is ideal pick for a rustic themed wedding. This casual and cheeky suit can be worn during any season, depending on the fabric you are choosing. Tartan cellsare in vogue this year.


  1. Bright blues

Although the navy blues looks are the evergreens ones and lookedclassic and elegant all-time, it has become quite a stale fashion trend. This season, slightly brighter hues of blue, like the royal blue and the cobalt, have taken over the space for all the youthful prince charming’s out there! You can pair it with plain or patterned neckties and tan Brogues.


  1. Patterns to make a bold statement

Eye-catching fun and bold patterns (e.g. houndstooth suits) are quite different from the classic solid suits. Show off your personality with these unique patterns. Pair the floral neckties with your modern suit for an elegant look. Sears offers a wide range of patterned neckties and suits, which you can buy using Sears promo codes.