Strategies for Back-to-School Shopping


Back-to-school shopping is an annual tradition for all parents across the country.  Shopping for school supplies, clothes, and gears may be the best thing about starting a new school year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the parents have to spend a fortune every year and drain a big amount from their pockets. With some planning you can save money as well as time, whether shopping for kindergarteners or college students. Here are some strategic ways for budget-conscious parents to keep back-to-school shopping from going out of control.


  1. Start by shopping at home

Gather last year’s school supplies you already have and sort through for what’s still good. There is a very good chance to find articles like notebooks, pens, markers, folders and more that were never used or are in decent shape.


  1. Utilize tax free holidays

Skip the sales tax by shopping during a state tax holiday, when few states lift the tax on certain items for just a few days. To find out if and when your state participates, visit Federation of Tax Administrators website.


  1. Shop Generic and Unconventionally

Pick out simple and plain items instead of the cute and funky printed ones that can rather cost more. Get generic supplies with Office Max coupon codes  that can save you lots of cash.

Late summer is a prime season for sales at dollar stores and art supply stores. It is also a time when consignment stores have their best selection of returned clothes or clothes on sale.


  1. Stick to the List

Teacher’s supply list for new school year is quite taxing, so don’t waste time and money on unlisted items. You can ask your kids’ teacher to get the class-list registered at Target for one-stop shopping for all the school supplies. In addition to the Target deals and coupons, where you can save a lot, it is also the fastest and easiest way for parents to shop.

  1. Use Flyers and Coupons

These can be found all over the weekly newspaper inserts, store websites, at the storefronts and other social media sites. A lot of stores, including clothing and general department stores issue such flyers and coupons as early as July 1st and School Supply Sales typically run through Labor Day Weekend.

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