Choice of Jeans that Suits Every Individual


Jeans considered being the most worn out outfit by all ages all over the world. The comfy, cool and fit feel it gives to the body is probably the reason why it is admired and worn as casual attire. They are number of brands to talk about jeans and most heard is denim that has pious history for two centuries started around1871 as per records. They are many varieties of Jeans as per the shape, design and color. Let us get into the details of it further.

1.                  Straight: This is the regular type of jeans seen very often on men and women, where the look from waist to ankle is just straight and looks good for athletic person body type.

2.  Skinny: This type of jeans suits for people who have short legs, The narrow shape clings to the shape of the body appearing more shape revealing, also suits curvy legged individuals.

3.   Slim: This is more or less similar to skinny, but not body shape revealing like the former, men and women with lean legs can give it a try.


4.    Bootcut: This type of jeans suits men and women with muscular build and gives a cowboy look, people could accommodate boots in jeans comfortably as the Bootcut is more comfy for such attire. Appears perfect from waist to thighs, widens a bit at the ankle and curvaceous body individual can flaunt with pomp.



5.   Cigarette: This is a model that comes in between straight and skinny, they have a snug fit but thight down and straight with a narrow hem. Perfect for men and women with petite body type.Look out for much such variety of Jeans at Express, Sears, Jcpenney. Make use of Express Coupons, Sears Coupons, Jcpenney Coupons

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